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Original Artworks for sale and lease

Are you looking for some inspiration for your home or office walls? Looking for art that brings colour and new ideas to your living or working space?  Art which adds a whole new dimension to your environment?

My name is Gemma and I run a business that 'fills your walls with art'. I select the perfect and most appropriate artworks to suit your vibe, colour scheme and architectural style. 

Art that will give your space an edge the others don't have. I then deliver, curate and hang the art on your walls. Simple.

I myself, am an artist and for years was part of a much larger 'artist's collective' so I am plugged into the 'real' art scene in Melbourne.  I have relationships with lots of artists who create beautiful abstracts and contemporary works through to the more traditional landscapes and still life. 

Quality work that stands out for its execution, talent and thoughtfulness. That will add great value to your environment.

We start the process with a consultation. I'll visit you, introduce myself and take your brief and then check out all the spaces you want filled and get a real sense of what you would like to achieve.  I'll then make recommendations and give a plan and a cost, based on your needs.

Then the works will then be delivered and installed.  I can also rotate and or refresh them as you wish. My service gives you the great advantage of being able to change environment regularly and cost effectively and you can rent, buy or lease the works, short or long term.  

My service is also perfect for selling houses or when you don't want to commit to purchasing artwork outright.  

So begin your inspiration here. Call me on 0400 157 187  

Gemma (art specialist) - cheers and thanks for your time.

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