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In keeping with fragrance theme, Gemma painted the Master Perfumer,

Emma J. Leah, for the 2016 Archibald Prize. 


Emma J. Leah, also known as Amelina, is a world-class niche perfumer who specialises in individual bespoke fragrance creation, brand perfume formula design and the history of scent.  Emma is one of a limited number of female independent Perfumers in the world, who can approach so many aspects of her field.


Gemma said from their first meeting they shared a similar concept for the portrait.  


“We looked to the glamour and intoxication of perfume and set about creating a dreamy vintage-inspired Hollywood composition.  We were on the same page from our first meeting at her Perfume House and had fun undertaking a photo shoot".


“There has been a wonderful synergy, we are both determined, self made women with a lust for life.  We adore fashion, enjoy a champagne and embrace joy and laughter but when it comes down to it we are both independent women who have honed our crafts and are fascinated by perfume.”

Archibald Entry 2016

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