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Memory of My Grandmothers Pearls 

2018 Riveresque

The idea of possessions remaining whilst their custodians have long passed intrigues me.  That objects have observed, and been part of somebodies life & history.  My Grandmother’s Pearls were so very precious, worn on special occasions and witnessed presumably, the best times in her life.


I love to romanticise my Grandmother having a colourful, somewhat mischievous past.  These painting are an abstracted representation of fabulous nights out, cocktail parties, card nights, dalliances & dances, in another era, a different youth.


The heavily layered fluid brushstrokes could be dramas unfolding, flirtations, laughter, heated political discussions, or swinging dance moves.  The lines represent people she encountered, conversations or even lost loves.  These artworks exemplify the interconnectedness that is life, unlocking the pearls secrets.

Featured Artist 2017

Roberts McCubbin Art Show

Archibald Entry Unveiling 2016

Aphrodisiac Abstraction 2015


'Aphrodisiac Abstraction provokes the senses, deliberately compelling desire and intrigue.  Relishing in the feminine, there is no overtly provocative sexuality but a covert layered sensuality.  The surging complex colours intoxicate, searching out an emotional response. The fluid compositions resonate, the instincts are engaged and the viewer is drawn into the artists’ vision.  A narrative, that calls out from the heart.'

Februrary 2015 - Joint Exhibition

Gemma Donnellan & Christine Cropley in

'Aphrodisiac Abstraction'.  


Perfume Exhibition 2014

" The exhibition was wonderful from concept to execution.  I loved Gemma's use of colour and mastery of the subtle tertiary shades, and the multiple layers of reflection and infolding of shapes and light.   It got me thinking about perfume as essence and how naming the paintings was a gift, an expression of Gemma’s loving representation of each person’s essence.  How rare is it to have such a gift given to us? "       

Kathryn Wisdom

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